fully supports dynamic DNS updates: you can map your public dynamic IP address to your preferred FQDN. This allows you to make your websites and applications reachable even without a fixed IP address.

Dynamic IP addresses present a problem if you want to provide a service to other users on the Internet, such as a web service. As your IP address may change frequently, corresponding domain names must be quickly re-mapped in the DNS, to maintain accessibility using a well-known URL or Fully Qualified Domain Name.

Using client or any client compatible with the dyndns2 protocol you can automate the discovery and registration of your public IP address and associate your FQDN to it.

The opensource Java client can be run on your server or device connected to the Internet via a dynamic IP address. When run from a crontab it periodically checks your dynamic IP address: when it changes, the client updates in real-time your FQDN.

The dyndns2 protocol is also fully supported, and any DDNS client that uses the dyndns2 protocol can be used to update your dynamic records handled by

You can check your current public IP address at

Dynamic DNS is a free feature: read the howto to get started.