is a complete IPv4 and IPv6 DNS hosting solution that provides full authoritative DNS services and smart Global Server Load Balancing features.



The authoritative DNS infrastructure provides the following features:

  • flexible IPv4 and IPv6 support
  • support for A, AAAA, ALIAS, CAA, CERT, CNAME, LOC, MX, NS, RP, SOA, SPF, SRV, SSHFP, TXT records
  • configurable TTL for all records
  • vanity DNS support
  • wildcard records
  • load balancing/high availability
  • CDN offload
  • geographically-balanced DNS
  • flexible geo-routing engine
  • support for dynamic DNS
  • fully supports DMARC specifications
  • works with all Internet top level domains
  • easy migration from your legacy DNS provider via automatic DNS zones import
  • fast and advanced web user interface
  • seamless configuration, no need to manage master and slave DNS servers
  • globally distributed with no single point of failure so that your domains are always accessibile
  • actively developed and supported
  • two access models: totally free or subscription-based for additional features and flexibility


Authoritative DNS - Zone records configuration dashboard
Resource Records configuration dashboard

Learn how to useĀ as the authoritative DNS for your domains, read the howto.