is a hosted, cloud-based, highly reliable DNS and Global Server Load Balancing solution that provides full authoritative DNS services, DNS-based geographical traffic balancing, failover, high availability, geographical routing, dynamic DNS, DNSSEC and recursive DNS.


DNS as a Service, it’s that easy

Nothing to install, configure your DNS services and you’re ready to go. Seamless and powerful. All in one, everything you need is here.


Programmability and orchestration at your fingertips: can be used interactively or as a natively integrated component of your application or network service.


DNS balancing and geo-routing


Global Server Load Balancing made easy and powerful. Six balancing algorithms allow full control of your services delivery.


Fast DNS delivery


Built on top of a reliable, fast and geographically-distributed infrastructure, speeds up your DNS resolution.


Recursive DNS with malware and phishing protection


Use us as your high performance recursive DNS, be protected from malware, phishing and unwanted contents.

Analytics and reporting


DNS needs visibility. provides you with all the statistics and reports you need to keep an eye on your services.



One-click DNSSEC


Secure your DNS: flip a switch and use DNSSEC. Fully automated. Your services deserve it.

Reputation-aware DNS firewall


Protect your services from unwanted clients: botnets, spammers, malware. DNS is critical for your applications delivery.


Healtch checking: your SLA matters!

Powerful health checks make sure you’re always delivering the expected level of service to your users and customers.

Realtime alerting

Need to get notified when and if a service fails? can do that, in real-time. By e-mail, SMS, Syslog, and through push messages on your smartphone.