helps you managing and enabling high availability and DNS load balancing for your applications between your datacenters.

Service levels are constantly monitored to gather a comprehensive view of how your network. infrastructure and applications are performing in order to deliver DNS responses to intelligently route your customers and clients to the most appropriate datacenter.


DNS load balancing - Servers and Datacenters real-time status
Servers and Datacenters real-time status

Your website, blog or mission-critical application must be always available and accessible even in case of failures at one of your datacenters. tracks performance, response times and errors and makes sure your customers and clients are always directed to your contents.

We achieve this by carefully monitoring the application layer and by checking that web contents are generated correctly, that your hardware and software infrastructure is healthy and operating properly.

High availability provided by doesn’t require you to modify your physical, logical or software infrastructure. adapts itself to your existing setup.