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Latest Configuration Howtos

Enabling DNSSEC

Scenario: You need to enable DNSSEC for one authoritative DNS zone you previously configured (please see the “Create an authoritative DNS zone” howto).   How to configure it: Log onRead More >

Configuring and using passive checks

Scenario: You need to set up your smart DNS configuration so that the DNS resolution algorithm is driven by externally-fed performance/availability indicators. In the following configuration example we will assume:Read More >

Using 2-factor authentication

Scenario: You want to enrich security when logging on to to configure and manage your DNS services. administration GUI and REST API are accessed via HTTPS. Enabling 2-factor authentication leveragesRead More >

Importing authoritative zones

Scenario: You want to replace your current authoritative DNS infrastructure (either owned or hosted by a third party) with, and you want to leverage automatic import of your alreadyRead More >