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Latest Configuration Howtos

Configuring and using DNS firewall

Scenario: You are running a service that is dinamically resolved through a geohost (ie. and you need to set up security and DNS resolution rules to: respond “NXDOMAIN” (FQDNRead More >

Configuring and using georouting

Scenario: You have several servers around the world publishing a website or an application that is accessed by users coming from different countries and geographies. You want to be ableRead More >

Create an authoritative DNS zone

Scenario: You want to use as the authoritative DNS for your domain ““. can be a new domain you’re about to register, or it can be an alreadyRead More >

Create URL Forwarding Rules

Scenario: You want to use to define URL Forwarding rules to translate a short, easy-to-remember URL to a longer web address that can point to a different port and/orRead More >